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Who are we?

HANNDER is a technological stainless steel equipment designer and manufacturer that produces various industrial equipment and provides its customers with high quality services and product range. The HANNDER brand, operating under CEMSAN A.Ş. that has 33 years of industrial experience, is a stainless steel equipment supplier that is required by the industrial sector.


HANNDER has been taking big steps towards becoming a leading brand by investing in the latest technologies and frequently adding new products to its range via constant innovations and research and development operations.


We do not only offer special solutions to our customers by effectively studying the daily challenges faced by them, we also help them meet the necessary quality standards and contribute to their time-cost optimizations. We are able to do this because we understand our customers, their special requirements and the sectors they operate in.


HANNDER brand products, being manufactured under CEMSAN that is a global brand following the industry trends with 33 years of experience, meets the sector needs for quality and corporate services with its products. 


HANNDER Industrial Solutions

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