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Do you make special designs for specific requirements and areas?

Yes, we can produce according to specific requirements and areas.

What grade of steel is used in your products?

Our products are manufactured from AISI 304 quality stainless steel.

Does the hygienic pass units allow passage without sanitations?

Our hygienic pass unit does not allow passage without the completion of the sanitation process. 

How long is the warranty period of your products?

Our products are covered by 1-year warranty along with a 1-year spare part supply warranty. This limited warranty does not cover damage or defects caused by failure to maintain, unauthorized modifications or misuse.

Do you supply consumables along with your products?

We do not supply consumables along with our products.

Does the hygienic pass turnstile unit allow passage without sanitation in case of emergencies and power outages?

During power outages, the lock system of the hygienic pass unit is also disabled thus allowing uninterrupted passage. In case of emergency, our hygienic pass unit is equipped with an emergency button which allows passage when pushed.

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